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Original Flavor Chicken Essence (Frozen - 10 Packs)

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High protein • Low sodium  • Zero fat • Zero hormones

Wang Chao selects hens of appropriate age from CAS-certified ranges, extracting every drop of chicken essence without adding any water during the driping process of 10 hours applying the traditional method at a constant temperature of 100 degrees centigrade, and removing the grease and high calorie in addition to retaining the sweetness of chicken soup so as to make every drop of essence “high protein”, “zero fat” and “low sodium”.

Ingredients: Essence of Chicken

Main effects: 

  • Providing the body with rich collagen and 9 essential amino acids
  • Reinforcing your energy and restoring your strength
  • Speeding up wound healing
  • Improving brain function
  • Promoting digestion and fat breakdown

Recommended for:

  • Children (aged 3 years old or above can drink it directly, while those between 1 and 3 years old can take it served with non-staple food or diluted.)
  • Postnatal mothers
  • Office workers
  • The elderly
  • Before and after surgery 
  • Before and after menstruation cycle
  • With smoking habits
  • Under high pressure 
  • Health caring people 

Not recommended:

If undergoing a cold, fever or any inflammation, please consume Chicken Essence when recovered.

Chicken Essence is not suggested for consumer with any kidney disease, high blood pressure, gout or maple syrup urine disease.




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