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Original Flavor Chicken Essence (Ambient - 10 Packs)

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Supplementing our body with rich collagen and 9 types of essential amino acids. It also adds great vitality and helps restore physical strengths. Moreover, it also facilitates digestion and is effective in enhancing lipolysis.


Concerned Targets

Pre and postnatal mums, breast feeding mums, children (age 3 years old or above), post - surgery patients, elderly



Children over 3 years of age can drink the chicken essence of original taste directly, children of age 1-3 can drink it with subsidiary foodstuffs or after diluted (dilute at the proportion of 1:5). For users suffering from cold, fever and inflammation, it is recommended to drink the chicken essence to enhance physical strength when recovered.


For people with kidney disease, high blood pressure, gout, maple syrup urine disease, it is recommended to ask the family doctor or Chinese medicine doctor before drinking it.

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