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Cordyceps Mycelium Flavor Chicken Essence (Ambient - 10 Packs)

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Rich in cordyceps mycelium, the product can help strengthen the resistant function of the immune system, protect the heart and blood vessels, protect the liver and kidney and fight fatigue. In addition, cordyceps mycelium features excellent effects for users suffering from chronic cough asthma, postpartum weakness and nasal sensitivity.

Concerned Targets

Women who want to invigorate the body after childbirth, old people, smokers, cough and asthma patients, people who stay up all night, and people after surgery

Not Concerned Targets

Pregnant women, within three weeks after caesarean section or surgery, people taking anticoagulant drugs, women during menstrual period, user before surgery and children


For users suffering from cold, fever and inflammation, it is recommended to drink the chicken essence to enhance physical strength after getting better.
For people with kidney disease, high blood pressure, gout, maple syrup urine disease, it is recommended to ask the family doctor or Chinese medicine doctor before drinking it.

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